Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Data Privacy

Personal Data

Hippu is commited to keep your personal data such as your name, email, password and billing data private. It won't be shared with anyone. Your password is stored in a secure way.

Application Data

Application data is the data entered into the Application, including but not limited to questions and answers, uploaded media and venue location data. Hippu reserves the right to use application data of public events as part of the current product or any future product. Data that could influence the outcome of an event will only be used after the provided date of the public event. Data of private events will never be used for anything but the origanisation of the original event.


Anyone with access to Hippu's administrative tools shall not participate in any events organised using a Hippu product. In case such a person does participate in such an event, the organiser is authorized the participant and his team immediately. The organiser should also report this person to Hippu management at cheater-report@hippu.be for internal review.


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